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BUZZERandBELL Changes Name to SageEngage™

Reflects Expansion of Live Event Analytics, Real-time Audience Measurement, Lead Generation and Keyword Engagement Analysis with its Focus Group in the Cloud™ Service.

Boston and Boulder, June 8, 2015: BUZZERandBELL, Inc. announced that effective immediately it is offering its audience measurement and analytics services under a new name, SageEngage.

Since we first started our company and launched our audience measurement service, we’ve grown in many ways. In particular, in what we do and how it helps our customers better understand the varied constituencies that they serve.

While our value proposition is evolving to encompass not only reaction analytics but also other strategic analysis and insight that our customers are seeking, we felt it was appropriate to rename our company as a way of aligning it more closely with its evolving value proposition.

Since the analytics we provide represents a form of wisdom, we felt the word sage was representative of that aspect of the value proposition. And, the way in which audiences and constituencies come together led us to the word engage.

By bringing together these two key words, it led us to a new company name that better captures not only what we do now but also is aligned with our strategic roadmap. So, our new name is SageEngage and our tagline is Where Audience and Analytics Meet.

The new company name represents different parts of the value proposition that cuts across three main elements – analytics, meetings and channels. And common to all of them is the ability to capture insights and wisdom about their audiences.

More specifically, Meetings represent the traditional conferencing, collaboration and work group activities. Channels represent the way in which companies and marketers can reach their respective audiences and constituencies – webcasts, webinars and other live events. And, Analytics represents the intelligence they are able to glean from the actual audience enabling them to improve their future campaign effectiveness.

The power of SageEngage is that its API based structure creates a loosely coupled focus group that can connect to any event, anywhere. SageEngage then measures a wide array of crowdsourced engagement, sentiment and keyword interaction data – directly from the actual audience – rather than in a simulated or representative audience as is methodology of traditional focus groups.

These audience insights allows event hosts to: evaluate, track and score their audiences; generate and qualify leads; measure the effectiveness and engagement of their messaging; and to monitor their audiences’ reactions in real-time as the event is running – helping them to understand how the audience feels about the event’s content from moment-to-moment while it is being presented.

About SageEngage

Headquartered in Boston, MA and Boulder, CO, BUZZERandBELL has changed its name to SageEngage effective immediately. SageEngage is a leading innovator in the field of live audience measurement and analytics.

The SageEngage Focus Group in the Cloud™ allows event hosts of conference calls, webinars, live streams, town hall meetings and other events to measure their audiences’ moment-to-moment reactions to the actual content of their events.

To learn more about SageEngage visit us at SageEngage.com or send us an email at info@sageengage.com

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