What If

You Could Know What Your Audience Is Thinking

What If You Could Create A Deeper Engagement With Them

In Real-Time Moment-to-Moment Seamlessly

Like An On-Demand Focus Group

That Takes Place In The Cloud

By Empowering Real-Time Audience Analytics

Enter SageEngage

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Our Company

We are an adaptable collaboration analytics platform that gives participants of events the ability to offer real-time feedback from moment-to-moment during any live or recorded event. Headquartered in Boston and Boulder, SageEngage is a leading innovator in the field of live audience measurement and analytics.

Our Focus Group in the Cloud™ allows event hosts of conference calls, webinars, live streams, town hall meetings and other events to measure their audiences’ moment-to-moment reactions to the actual content of their events.

A Richer Audience Experience


Engagement Tracking

Our adaptable collaboration analytics platform and advanced measurement solution combines moment-to-moment audience collaboration and sentiment tracking with semantic text analytics to better understand your audience.


Venue Breadth

Events of any type —live web streams, YouTube videos, audio conferencing or webinars— can all be enabled with the SageEngage API giving participants the ability to offer feedback from moment-to-moment during the event.


Real-Time Feedback

Event organizers have the ability to monitor feedback in realtime and analyze it later for insights on both the overall event itself as well as the individual participants.


Improved Event Experience

Realtime Feedback

Participants Stay 30% Longer

Deeper Audience Participation


Event Analytics

Visual Analytics

Semantic Analysis

Engagement Matched to Keywords


Participant Analytics

Tracking & Scoring

Lead Generation

Keyword Matched Datasets

For The Left Side of Your Brain

Events Enabled

Unique Participants Attending

Reactions Captured


Increase in Engagement Time

What Our Platform Does

Data Collection

Seamless data collection from audience participants for any event such as a webinar, webcast, conference call, video or Live event through our API.

Content Integration

Aggregate reactions to events as well as individual reactions and time-coded captioning of data.

Unique Insights

Real-time content and participant analytics for better understanding of your audience.

A Sampling of Use Cases

We support our customers by helping them to leverage digital media and live events by engaging with any audience, capturing actionable intelligence to refine messaging, win elections, boost donors, test ads and drive sales. Our Analytics weight content and metadata with our time-based reactions to identify the key words and phrases inside of any content that are most important to your audience. Here are just a few use cases although the list is only limited by your imagination.



What is the most important message in my Webinar? Which prospects are most likely to become customers?



How do likely voters feel about my Town Hall event? Which prospective donors should I micro-target based on their keyword engagement score?



Which comments caused the most reactions from the company-wide employee meeting? Which keywords caused for the highest engagement?



How does my trailer play across various demographics? Which panelists were the most engaged?